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Wells Primary School

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Termly Overview

How the curriculum is arranged

Wells is a one and a half form entry school which means that some classes have mixed year groups. The curriculum is therefore organised on a two-year cycle to ensure that children do not repeat the same learning. The 2017/2018 cycle is Cycle B. The 2018/2019 cycle will be Cycle A.

The curriculum is cross curricular with learning centred around a particular topic. Cross-curricular learning helps pupils to engage by putting their learning into context. For example, during a topic on Africa, pupils will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in most subjects through this theme. In Literacy, pupils may debate and write persuasively on the whether animals should be kept in zoos; in Music, children may develop their knowledge of tempo and rhythm through listening to African music and producing compositions in the style of African music; in Art, children might develop their watercolour techniques by producing African sunsets.  

Whilst cross-curricular links are actively explored and embraced, where appropriate discrete learning takes place to ensure that the necessary skills are fully developed.