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Wells Primary School

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Design Technology

The children at Wells love Design and Technology projects. The DT curriculum at Wells enables the children to gain knowledge and understanding of materials, structures, controls and mechanisms. It also provides them with opportunities to develop their designing, enquiry, scientific and mathematical skills.


The DT curriculum is stimulating, inspiring and challenging. Every phase group has the opportunity to complete clay, textile, electrical and model projects.


Many of the DT projects at Wells are linked with other subjects, for example the children will make bridges to complement their topic on Rivers in Years 5 and 6.


The children often use art and ICT to support their design and technology work.  

Below is an overview of the Design and Technology topics that we cover.




Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Cycle A


Yr 1 Celebrations – Pop up card

Yr 1 Celebration time – Party bags

Yr 3 Kings and Queens- royal photo frames

Yr 3 Kings and Queens – Fit for a King or Queen

Yr 5 Dickensian Christmas – Mechanical toy

Yr 5 Dickensian Christmas – A Victorian hat


Yr 2 Castles – In the great hall

Yr 2  Castles – drawbridge and castle toy

Yr 3 Ancient Egypt - Cleopartra’s Cushion

Yr 3  Ancient Egypt: Pop-up book


Yr 5 On the road – Emergency 999

Yr 5  On the road – traffic lights




Yr 1 Summer time – Summer buggies

Yr 1 Summer time – Something for the fridge  


Yr 4 Piece of art – pizza art

Yr 4  Piece of art – timeless art

Yr 5  Summer Holidays – Flip flops

Yr 5 Summer Holidays – An airline meal

Cycle B


Yr 2 Goldilocks – Waistcoat

Yr 2 Goldilocks and 3 bears - porridge

Yr 3  Roald Dahl – Party hat

Yr 3 Roald Dahl – Swampy smoothy



Yr 6  At the fair – Punch and Judy puppet

Yr 6  At the fair – Fairground ride


Yr 1 Salad – ‘ 5 a day’

Yr1 Salad – Veggie puppet


Yr 4 Ancient Times - Roman purse

Yr 4 Ancient times – Greek yoghurt


Yr 6  Down the catwalk – Tee shirt

Yr 6 Down the catwalk – Theatrical mask


Yr 2   Light house keeper’s lunch - pulleys

Yr 2  Light house keeper’s lunch – Picnic sandwiches

Yr 4 Magic – A magical light

Yr 4  Magic – a magic box (poetry)

Yr 6 In the garden – Bird table

Yr 6 In the garden – From garden to table