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How can I find out more about what my child is learning?

At the beginning of each term , parents and carers are sent a Curriculum Letter explaining what the children will be learning that term with a list of learning objectives. Each half term, individual pupil targets are sent home in the children's Home/School Diaries.  Homework is set on a weekly basis and tasks may also include explanations of learning, for example a particular maths strategy may be explained.

In addition, the school regularly hosts Parent Workshops which are designed to help parents support their child's learning. Workshops may focus on explaining different learning methods or teaching approaches.

If you need further guidance, class teachers are happy to meet with parents and carers.     

What do I do if I do not want my child to participate in a particular activity or lesson, such as Religious Education (RE)?

The RE curriculum is designed so that as many people as possible feel able to take part, however parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons,  from assemblies or from Sex Education. If parents do not wish their child to take part, they should contact the head teacher so that other arrangements can be made for the child. 

What is the school’s homework policy?

Homework is set each week to support children’s learning. Homework should be consistent across a phase group and allocated on specific days each week. The homework timetable is explained in the Curriculum Letter that goes home each term. Teachers mark and respond to homework each week.  The full policy is available to download in the policies section.