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Wells Primary School Uniform Referendum

Wells Primary pupils held their own referendum at school yesterday. Following a long campaign that included a parliamentary style debate and a week of canvassing votes, the members of the School Council organised a secret ballot. This was not to decide on the EU referendum but instead pupils voted on whether to change the colour of their school jumper from grey to blue. Even the Year 6 students who are attending a residential trip have had the opportunity to cast a vote by proxy. The decision was announced to the whole school during an assembly today.  The greys received a healthy 138 votes but the blues achieved a 169.  The Headteacher, Mrs Henderson said “The Referendum has provided a wonderful opportunity to teach the children about democracy and freedom of speech. The pupils have really enjoyed the whole experience!”

The next step will be to consult with our parents and governors and we may see a new school uniform appearing at Wells in the near future.